Chimney Repairs

We provide Chimney Repair in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including chimney caps, damper systems, masonry, inspections, chimney liners and more.

First Class Chimney Repair Contractor in NJ and PA

When a chimney functions properly you get the best performance and efficiency of the appliance(s) connected to it. SBCP performs almost all phases of chimney repairs in NJ and PA, including (but not limited to):

Maintaining the exterior of your chimney system will help extend its life and help minimize more costly repairs in the future. Most chimney repairs come with a manufacturer's product warranty.

Chimney Maintenance in NJ and PA

Maintenance of the interior of your chimney is also equally, if not more, important. By performing annual inspections and chimney sweeping, this may help ward off costly repairs in the future while helping prevent chimney and structure fires.

Chimney Liners in NJ and PA

Most homes are constructed to local codes and National Fire Protection Guidelines which create the minimum acceptable construction. SBCP installs stainless-steel liner systems, insulated whenever possible, which helps bring most chimneys up to the most efficient and safe construction guidelines. Insulating a stainless-steel liner system helps minimize heat transfer from the chimney to the surrounding construction materials while helping to minimize buildup and increase chimney efficiency.

Other Chimney Services in NJ and PA

Other chimney services that we offer are cosmetic in nature, such as changing façades (brick, stone veneer and more) as well as mantels and surrounds. SBCP provides and installs new appliances such as wood, pellet, coal and natural gas/propane stoves and inserts, which can be aesthetically pleasing and far more efficient than older appliances. These upgrades and repairs help increase heating efficiency, minimize long term expenses, and improve resale value of your property.

Chimney Repairs & Liners in NJ & PA | A Sweeping Beauty

Class A chimney breaching roof and flashing has rusted away

Chimney Repairs & Liners in NJ & PA | A Sweeping Beauty

SBCP provides Chimney Repair in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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